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Peter Tchoryk Cheif Executice Officer for Aeropace Corporation

Peter Tchoryk, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer
Email Address: ptchoryk@michiganaerospace.com
Phone Number: 734-975-8777 x108

MAC is the premier company in the United States for the development of Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and related optical systems for atmospheric measurement and holds patents that increase the performance and efficiency of these instruments to unprecedented levels. These capabilities have resulted in hardened systems with the size, weight, and power characteristics that enable operation on demanding aircraft, spacecraft and ground platforms.

The company is organized along core business areas that are managed as Business Units. These include Atmospheric LIDAR Systems to measure wind speed, direction, temperature, and density from the ground, aircraft, and space, enhancing the accuracy of weather forecasts, aiding weather-dependent military operations, increasing the efficiency of wind energy turbines, improving the site selection process for future wind energy farms and improving the performance of aircraft (military and civilian) and weapon systems; Optical Remote/In-Situ Automated Detection for the development of optical techniques and instrumentation for in-situ remote sensing, CBRNE detection, and instrumentation to support LIDAR measurements; Data Exploitation to solve complex problems in SIGINT, predictive analytics, data mining, 2-D and 3-D image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning; and Mechanical Systems for autonomous vehicles operating in space, terrestrial, and marine environments. The company also provides flight qualification services and rapid prototyping in its Engineering Services division.

On the products side, we have just increased our manufacturing capability to meet the demands for our wind LIDAR and other optical products. We invite you to explore our website and to call on us for your advanced development and product needs.

Pete Tchoryk, CEO


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