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Corporate Overview Brochure

Bibliography of Staff Publications

Wind Measurement: LIDAR Systems and Components
      --Compact/Portable Wind LIDAR Systems
      --OptoAtmospherics: Atmospheric Measurement and Forecasting
         Products for the Wind Energy Industry
      --Predictive Analytics for Wind Energy
      --MOADS/Airborne LIDAR System General Specifications

LIDAR Validation & Testing

Optical Products, including Interferometer Components
      --Opto-Mechanical Capabilities Slideshow

Environmental Sensing (E-Sensing)
      --Neutron Spectrometer (NSPECT)

Data Exploitation

Mechanical Systems
      --SRIS - Stern Ramp Interface System
      --MEMS Atomizer
      --MEMS Flow Control
      --MEMS Micro-Anemometer
      --MEMS Micro-Sensors




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