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Environmental Sensing (E-Sensing)

Dr. Dominique Fourguette - Lead Optical Diagnostics
For more information, please contact:
Dominique Fourguette, Ph. D.
(734) 975-8777 x 114

Michigan Aerospace Corporation‘s Environmental Sensing Business Unit specializes in the development of optical techniques and instrumentation for in-situ remote sensing and instrumentation to support LIDAR measurements:

  • Remote in-situ detectors are compact fieldable detectors capable of unattended operation. Applications for these detectors are wide-ranging and include detection of radiation for military personnel and first responders and monitoring seismic activity.
  • Instrumentation to support LIDAR activity includes the development of automated spectral characterization instrumentation and advanced non-linear optical techniques to improve signal-to-noise ratio of LIDAR signals.
  • Instrumentation for CBRNE detection: Lidar, scanning, long and short range observation.

The E-Sensing division is constantly investigating new optical sensing techniques and approaches for system monitoring, safety, and optimization.

Projects Include:


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